Posture Course

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Course Outline for Posture

Evaluating Common Postural Faults, and Assessing Ergonomics Course purpose This is for any massage therapist or bodyworker that would like to review and update their knowledge on postural faults and ergonomics in the workplace. In this course you will learn about lumbar hyperlordosis and thoracic hyperkyphosis, as well as the steps to perform a detailed […]

400 – Introduction

Posture is one of the most frequent issues I see in both my patients, and my students. It’s an ongoing issue and needs constant attention. It’s so easy to fall into a slouchy posture, especially at the end of the day when we’re tired, fatigued, and want nothing more than to curl up on a […]

401 – Lumbar Hyperlordosis

Lumbar Hyperlordosis is a common postural concern seen in many clients, and it is sometimes referred to as “sway-back.” It can occur as a primary condition, or it can be secondary to another condition. Hyperlordosis may also been seen as an antalgic posture. It is frequently seen in dancers and those who are overweight or […]

402 – Hyperkyphosis and Shoulder Cross Syndrome

We’ve all seen patients with hyperkyphosis. It has many different causes, including Scheuermann’s disease or a Gibbus deformity, but the most common cause seems to be slouchy posture. We’re all guilty of it: at the end of a long day, we’re tired, and sitting or standing straight seems to be impossible. This isn’t an issue […]

403 – Ergonomics for Office Workers

Office work has changed over the last few decades. Thirty years ago, people were working at desks, but not stuck to them for 8 hours a day. If a person needed something from a colleague in their office, they would stand up, walk over and chat with them. Now we send a text or an […]

404 – Posture Final Exam

This next quiz is the final exam. It consists of 27 questions and you must achieve a grade of 70% or more on it. If not you will not receive a certificate. Click “View the Lesson Quiz” below to begin the final exam. Once you complete the exam, click “Save” and then “Complete Lesson” in […]